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Dear Friends

I’m sorry I missed you last month, but Covid came calling again, and I had the typical mild flu-like symptoms which many seem to be experiencing, unfortunately just around the time my letter needed to go to print.  But Covid did give me the inspiration for this letter, so all was not lost!

One thing I have noticed following both of my bouts of Covid is the time it has taken, after the initial infection has gone, before I feel totally ok, fully recovered.  And I wondered if there is a spiritual dimension to this and a life lesson we could learn. 

Life in our full-on, 24/7 society does not encourage us to take time to heal when we should, nor does it encourage us to rest as we ought, if we are to live well and thrive in our full throttle, increasingly frantic world.

For Christians, in the Bible there are two very obvious patterns for us to follow.: those of God, the Creator, and Jesus Christ, his Son. 

At the very beginning of the Bible, in the story of creation, God takes 6 days to create the universe, our world, the plants and animals and humankind, but on the 7th days he rests.  This rest he declares, along with all of his abundant creation, is good.  As a part of this creation, isn’t the need for and gift of rest hard-wired into us?

When Jesus begins his public ministry the news of his radical teaching, miraculous healings and controversial behaviours spreads quickly and begins to attract vast crowds of genuine followers, interested bystanders, gawpers, troublemakers and spies.  When the crowds were baying for more, and when his intimate group of disciples were demanding action, Jesus seems always aware of his own need for space, peace, and inner work and would leave, often abruptly and often leaving behind disgruntled faces on those who thought their own agendas should rule his life.

The economic fallout from the pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis has meant that for many the worry and the pressure to work longer and harder makes the possibility of slowing down or taking time out seem like an unrealistic option.  I wonder if perhaps something as simple and achievable as just distancing ourselves from the tyranny of social media, stopping our endless scrolling and turning away from our phones, will allow us to take back control of some of our precious time.  For I am convinced that all of us might benefit from moments of quiet, stillness, peace.  For some, church offers these things, if you feel that it might benefit you too, you would be made very welcome.

In Christ

Alice Curry

Pastor of Tickhill, Harworth and Bawtry Methodist Churches



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