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Table Tennis

Table Tennis

Table Tennis
Monday 2-4pm in the Schoolroom. This is a mixture of church members and people from the local area who meet for exercise and fellowship.

Book Club meets in Vestry 2 to read and discuss the merits of a chosen book.

Ladies Fellowship 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each Month 2.30 -4pm in the Lounge. This is an ecumenical group who start their meeting with a time of devotion, followed by a talk from a guest speaker, ending with refreshments.

On Tuesday 24.05.22 the Ladies Fellowship held a Queen's Jubilee afternoon including memories of the 1953 Coronation day.


Queen  FellowshipQuizz




              Jubilee gathering                                                              Brain storming a Coronation Quiz

     R W B Toasting Queen

             Dressed in Red White & Blue                                       A loyal toast in sparkling water !!!

   29th July 2022 Ladies Fellowship had an interesting talk given by Ann Kelly of Yorkshire  Water.       

                                                                             Ladies Fellowship Programme for July/ August 2022 

water talk

 12th July

   Kathleen & Marcia 

   The Beauty of Flower

 26th July

    Ann Kelly 

  Yorkshire Water

 9th August 

   Afternoon Tea


 23rd August 

   McCauley Key

  Town Centre Mission

Wednesday Fellowship 7.30pm in the Lounge.  Meetings to commence from 7th September 2022.

This is an ecumenical group who meet for Bible study, discussion and ends with a NIV Bible

chat over a cup of tea.

Pop In Curling

Pop in Centre Wednesday 12 noon until 3pm now under Doncaster Live at Home scheme. Senior members of the community are provided with a meal followed by activities.

Here, an enthusiastic group play Curling, in the Schoolroom, while others enjoy a chat or play table games in the Church Lounge. 


Craft & Chat alternate Thursdays in the Month (not August) 2-4pm in the Lounge. This is an ecumenical group who meet to work on their own craft or join in making items for a local project. There is a half-time break for tea and biscuit.


Ladies cc machining

CC draw string bags

2021 Socks for the homeless project. Container bags  

made of seasonal material being skilfully machined.   

                                                                                                    Draw strings being patiently threaded 

                                                                                                    into the tops of the machined bags.

gift bag 21

The finished product.

Socks for the homeless bags 2021.

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